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All enlisted ranks are based off participation, dedication, conduct, teamwork, and practice points which are earned by attending mandatory and optional practices.

Each Mandatory Practice is worth 12.5 points
Each Optional Practice is worth 18.75 points

Position promotions are not based off the point system but are instead based off of dedication, teamwork, and leadership abilities.

Non-Commissioned Officer Positions
Squad Assistant (SA) - Sergeant
Squad Leader (SL) - Staff Sergeant
Platoon Sergeant (PS) - Sergeant Major

Commissioned Officer Positions
Platoon Commander (PC) - 2nd Lieutenant
Company Executive Officer (CoXO) - 1st Liuetenant
Brigade Executive Officer (BgXO) - Captain
Brigade Commander (BGC) - Major
Corps Executive Officer (CXO) - Lieutenant Colonel
Corps Commander (CC)- Colonel

Enlisted Ranks
Private (Pvt.) - 0pts
Private First Class (Pfc.) - 100pts
Lance Corporal  (Lcpl.) - 250pts
Corporal (Cpl.) - 400pts
Sergeant (Sgt.) - 700pts
Staff Sergeant (Ssg.) - 1000pts
Gunnery Sergeant (GySgt.) - 1300pts
Master Sergeant (Msg.)- 1600pts
1st Sergeant (1Sgt.) - 2000pts
Sergeant Major (SgtMaj.) - 2500pts

Officer Ranks
2nd Lieutenant (2Lt.)
1st Lieutenant (1Lt.)
Captain (Cpt.)
Major (Maj.)
Lieutenant Colonel (LtCol.)
Colonel (Col.)
Lieutenant Colonel
Lieutenant Colonel

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